~ Auroexposé ~

Reflections on the emerging 'Aurobindonian
Orthodoxy', it consequences, its antidote

by Robert E. Wilkinson

"Truth is a difficult and strenuous conquest. One must be a real warrior who fears nothing, neither enemies nor death, for with or against everybody, with or without a body, the struggle continues and will end by Victory." The Mother

After the Mother's withdrawal in 1973, and even years before her passing, we have seen the rise of a cadre of mental-vital usurpers eager to claim the public face and authority of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's great yogic work. This is not a new phenomenon but an oft-repeated theme in the annals of spiritual communities. With the passing of the realizer and inspirer of a new spiritual impulse it is simply a matter of time before that living realization and force becomes entombed in religious dogma. This has happened to every great spiritual leader over the last two thousand years and Sri Aurobindo and the Mother were no exception. What makes their situation unique is the evolutionary nature of their yogic work and the ongoing stages of their incarnational line designed, among other reasons, to foil the strategies of usurpation that have plagued the work and message of every spiritual figure in recent memory.

Those familiar with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and aware of the evolutionary character of their incarnations will appreciate that the community of followers that formed around them was a cauldron of diverse energies, a micro-cosmic world through which they could work and thereby bring about a definite change in the entire body of the earth. Owing to the laws of reduced equivalency, wherein the microcosm is equal to the macrocosm, their Ashram became a cross section of humanity, a representative field of the forces that they had come to transform. Contained within that field, according to Sri Aurobindo himself, were some of the greatest asuras (negative beings) on the planet, many of whom were under the influence of dark and recalcitrant forces determined to undermine this epic work. Had the line stopped with Sri Aurobindo and the Mother there can be no doubt that these usurpers and underminers would have succeeded in their efforts to distort and destroy, but the Line continues and its victory is assured.

The members of the Solar Line as they are called represent a connected descent of a new Supramental light bridging successive planes of consciousness, each of which define the field and focus of an individual yoga. Its four members cover the contiguous planes from Spiritual, Mental, Vital to the Physical, incarnating the complete evolutionary spectrum in human form and thereby revealing the deepest secrets of creation. Those familiar with the radical nature of this yoga will appreciate that it represents a complete "reversal" of the old paths that were, in their entirety, concerned with an ASCENT into the higher Mental and Spiritual planes. The success of this work turns upon a DESCENT and ultimate transformation of the Vital and Physical planes, making the Third, or Vital level of the yoga its most critical and difficult stage. It is at this point that THEA (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) must fight her battles against the Lord of Nations and his strategies of negation.

As she neared the end of her life, the Mother gave her final and most precious gift to humanity. It was a plan for a Vedic temple. She had seen its inner chamber on the plane of Truth-Consciousness, a vision of integral perfection containing the entire body of Supramental Knowledge which she and Sri Aurobindo had labored so long to establish. It was the "axis-mundi" of their evolutionary laboratory and a New Model of the Universe. The Mother's temple was built at the center of that microcosmic world, where its axial power could establish itself and bring harmony to the earth. But, owing to the ignorance and bad will of some of her closest disciples, the Mother's immaculate vision was mutilated beyond recognition. One by one the elements of its design were fundamentally altered until not one was left intact. The account of its destruction has been described in detail in "The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber" by Thea, Third in the Solar Line and convenor of the Matrimandir Action Committee. Copies of this illuminating document have been put in the respective Archives Department of both the Ashram and Auroville. (See www.matacom.com )

In the tradition of Sacred Architecture, it is a well known occult principle that the translation of a sacred form from a higher plane to a representative structure in the physical dimension produces a resonant influence in the material reality that it represents. Holy cities or sacred structures are deliberately built on sites chosen to potentiate the occult force extending from their axial center. This is purposely done to effect a harmonious influence far beyond the physical boundaries of the structure. The ancient Vedic Temple text, The Mayamata XXII.92 describes something of this occult principle of correspondence:

"If the measurement of the Temple is in every way perfect, there will be perfection in the universe as well."

Conversely, a discrepancy between a sacred form seen in the plane of truth and that which is built in its name on the earth will bring about destruction and disintegration on the physical plane it inhabits.

Nowhere is this occult principle more evident than in the remnants of Sri Aurobindo's and the Mother's spiritual community. With the Mother's passing, and the mutilation of her original temple plan, disharmony and Ego have ascended the throne. Without the authority of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and the Integral Gnosis that her temple embodied, followers are free to usurp and define this great work in the image of their own darkness and confusion. And so have they done. We have seen this dissonant effect in the split between Auroville and the Ashram and the ensuing collapse of the Mother's utopian dream. But, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, says Thea, "…everything is going according to plan because, to the Gnostic Being, both positive and negative serve the purposes of the One."

Concurrent with the work of the Third to restore the Mother's impeccable Vedic vision we have see the rise of forces antithetical to that effort and determined to undermine and discredit Thea at all costs. Among the fields they have chosen for this purpose is the on-line Internet discussion group known as AUROCONFERENCE - the primary mailing list serving the online community of followers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It was started by Larry Tepper in 1994, and by February 2000 had a membership of around 125.

In November of 1994, with Thea's consent, I joined the 'Auroconf' discussion group and spent the next two and a half years discussing the knowledge contained in her many books and articles relating to the Mother's Temple and the descent of the Supermind. The following pages are an account of those discussions and examples of the lies, strategies of obfuscation and subversion employed by the Auroconf Moderators and their minions to prevent this yogic knowledge from ever seeing the light of day.


For purposes of clarity, it would be helpful to preface this material by giving the reader a brief perspective of the process by which I came to the yoga these many years ago and how it was seen to be guided throughout by the Supramental Shakti.

After many years of study in the genre of mystic and spiritual literature I first became aware of Sri Aurobindo's writings in the early 1980's. I was at once struck by the fact that his writing and knowledge was of a quality and depth far beyond anything I had ever seen. From that moment I began to read everything that he and the Mother had written which is quite an arduous task as many of you will know. I pursued this path for years quite on my own without contact with anyone who was familiar with his writings until 1988 when I came across an article written by John Wren Lewis, a physicist and well known writer and mystic. His article which appeared in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology was on the subject of his own nirvanic experience which he entitled, "The Darkness of God."

I wrote to John and a lengthy correspondence ensued in which we shared a great deal about our respective spiritual paths. At some point in the conversation John asked me who I regarded as the greatest spiritual teacher of our time and without hesitation I said Sri Aurobindo. I will never forget his reply: "Well, if you like Sri Aurobindo, you will love the lady who is carrying on his work." I had no idea that anyone was carrying on the work and of course none of the material I had received from the Sri Aurobindo Ashram said anything about a successor. It was sometime later that I realized that John made this statement and introduced me to Thea in a letter dated August 15, which was Sri Aurobindo's birthday. Since he had no idea of the significance of that date, it became my first experience of seeing the signature of the Time spirit behind seemingly mundane events.

On learning of Thea's existence, I got in touch with her and after a time she agreed to take me on as a student and guide my yoga. Let me hasten to say that owing to my years as an investment banker I had developed a healthy skepticism and did not take everything she said on faith. It took me years of diligent study and the lived yogic experience to understand her work and to appreciate the underlying connections that make her statements regarding the Solar Line irrefutable.

During these years I never had any contact with people from Auroville or the Ashram until I attended one of the AUM meetings in the Summer of 1992 in Greenville, South Carolina. That was my first confrontation with "Aurobindonian orthodoxy" and an aggressive repudiation of Thea and her work. Then as now, their objections to Thea are not based upon specific facts or issues of knowledge but rather ill will and arrogant disbelief. In the following pages you will see numerous examples of this kind of malicious negation by people who hold themselves out to the world as the highest authorities on Sri Aurobindo's work and mission. On seeing this we must finally ask ourselves: with this kind of leadership, is it any wonder that the greatest spiritual work of the Age languishes in the half light of a dogmatic religiosity?


As the reader will note from my personal comments, I entered the Auroconf discussion group as a complete outsider with the expectation of being treated with openness and respect as their mission statement claimed; however it soon became evident that this would not be the case.

According to Auroconf (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auroconf ) they publicize themselves as being the primary mailing list serving the online community of followers of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. It is useful to note that while they claim not to be the official online voice for any group of persons, their listing on Wikipedia is part and parcel of the material published by the official Integral Yoga Community on the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. As we move forward in this documentation, the reader will see that this is part of an ongoing strategy of obfuscation, to claim one thing publicly while operating behind the scenes with a considerably different agenda.

In the document below the Moderators state that this is a free and open discussion group where each participant is free to hold and express differing ideas. As we will discover these claims of freedom and openness are demonstrably untrue. Auroconf was anything but an open discussion group. It soon proved itself to have a hidden agenda controlled by a small group of individuals determined to censor all ideas about the yoga which differed from their own limited view.

Auroconf's Mission Statement


Auroconf is a mailing list that serves a distinct online community: those persons who feel an affinity for the spiritual teachers Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and are inspired by their vision, works and teachings.


The purpose of Auroconf is to be a general means of communication among this online community, to allow its members to discuss varied topics, keep informed of events and to keep in touch one with another.

Who are we?

Auroconf does not represent any one physical community or organization, nor does it present itself as the official online voice for any one person or group of persons. Each participant is free to hold and express differing ideas on all subjects, including Sri Aurobindo, The Mother, this yoga, other teachers, etc.

On-line Etiquette

At the same time we strive for and expect each member of Auroconf to maintain the highest standard of discussion and interaction. Auroconf is designed to be a free and open discussion group. However participants who repeatedly attempt to disrupt the group with personal agendas, ideologies that are deeply at odds with the aims of the group, or other hostile behavior may not be allowed to continue. Removal of a person from the list will only be used as a last resort, if a person is unresponsive to reasonable requests or persists in posting messages that are deemed to be disruptive to Auroconf.

Collective Yoga

Each person is expected to be fair, respectful, and compassionate in his/her dealings with the others on this forum. Further, we see this forum and group as an opportunity to practice a collective sadhana [yogic practice], which means offering our actions here to the Divine for uplifting and transformation.


Complaints about individual participants, if seen to be serious, will be reviewed by an informal moderating group. This group consists of people who have been involved over time in serving the needs of this on-line community.

Current members of the Auroconf Moderating Group are:

Dave Hutchinson <dbhutchinson@ucdavis.edu>

Will Moss <willmoss@aol.com>

Kenny Schachat <kennys@netcom.com>

Larry Tepper <ltepper@indra.com>

When I entered this cyber-community in November of 1994 I had been a student of Thea's for over 5 years. During that time I had become involved with her work and was privy to many of the stories of her experiences in the Ashram. I was very much aware of efforts by her faceless detractors in Auroville to malign her character, discredit her work and even to have her thrown out of India.

Soon after joining Auroconf I began to post letters about my work with Thea and her numerous books on the work and mission of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The postings were immediately met with a combination of opposition, ridicule and stunning disbelief. The following excerpts from David Hutchinson and Kenny Schachat, two of the 'impartial' moderators, is a rather typical example:

To: auroconf@aurobindo.org From: David Hutchinson <dbhutchinson@ucdavis.edu>

Hi, Robert - Newcomers to either this list or to the yoga should realize that the views that Robert Wilkinson is putting forth are held by only a few people who follow the teachings of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet. His

selective quotations from the Mother, like all such quoting, can be done

with any subject matter to support almost any position.

This matter of a theory of the structural details of the Matrimandir may

seem of world-shaking importance to Robert, but this single-topic

concern of his is not indicative of the larger community of people who

attempt to realize the truths of this path. For them, the inner work of

the yoga takes precedence.

…I would add that any armchair philosopher can produce reams of this kind of stuff. I've written it myself in the past. Talking about grand abstractions such as science and string theory and the golden x doesn't prove anything. It's mental gymnastics. I'm happy that you and Patrizia can string two words together, but this is a far cry from spiritual knowledge. Tell me what you know about spiritual life, don't give me stories "In the beginning was the void..." If that's all there is to Patrizia's "knowledge," there isn't much point in continuing. If I wanted volume I'd pick up the Urantia book.

Or this by Kenny Schachat

Kenny Schachat <kennys@netcom.com> Cc: Auroconf@Compatible.COM

…You fail to mention that Patrizia doesn't write only to further either her ideas, impersonal visions or to support Sri Aurobindo or The Mother's teachings but also to establish herself as an Avatar, a successor to The Mother, her son as a re-incarnation of Sri Aurobindo, etc. This fundamentally changes her comprehensible "motives" and yours as well.

…This of course includes your own and Patrizia's "weavings" as well as

everyone elses. This is self evident to everyone, but your colossal egos,

in their ersatz attempts at claiming some exclusive corner on the 'true' and the perfect "seeing" of the objective truth are incapable of admitting that your visions are just a PART of it, not the entire thing.

The aforementioned responses by the so called impartial moderators should disabuse anyone of their claims of openness and transparency. But the discussion that follows, regarding the censorship of Thea's books goes to the heart of their hypocrisy and the boldness by which this inner circle conspires to negate and reject her work.

In August of 1995 I did a survey of the official websites dedicated to the yogic work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. One of these sites called Miraura (http://www.miraura.org/lit/oth.html) included a lengthy bibliography of titles having to do with Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and numerous books on their work by what they described as secondary sources and miscellaneous authors. All in all there were 168 titles and not one book by Thea (PN-B) who is the most prolific writer in the world today on the subject of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and the Supramental Yoga. I immediately brought this discrepancy to the attention of the group. (* See Addendum of titles below)

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 06:09:39 -0700

To: Auroconf@Compatible.COM

From: aeon963@CERF.NET (Robert E. Wilkinson)

Subject: http://www.webcom.com/~miraura/email.html

While browsing through the Net this morning, I came upon the Home Page introducing the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. Among the items listed on this page was a list of books on the subject Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. It contained all of the major works of which I am aware, but conspicuously absent were the titles written by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet.

Since Patrizia is widely acknowledged as one of the worlds leading

authorities on the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, I have two questions.

#1. Who decided to omit her works from this list and on what basis was this decision made.

#2. Will the persons responsible for the Miraura Home Page be willing to add Patrizia's titles to the list.

I would appreciate having these points addressed specifically in your reply. RW

Moderator David Hutchinson replied:

…As I mentioned, we are revising the entire "Miscellaneous Authors" list in the web site. Patrizia's books are being considered along with all the rest in this process.

David Hutchinson responded to my inquiry by explaining that HE would consider Patrizia's books and decide if they were SUITABLE for inclusion on that list. He also explained that the web site group had decided to narrow down the "Other Authors" list to books specifically about yoga or Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. In this way, my request was characterized as a useful catalyst for a change in the site. What he really meant was that he had no intention of including her books and it might look less like censorship if he were to drop a number of other titles in the process of rejecting hers.

Of course if you will look today, some 11 years later, you will discover that the same 168 titles are listed on the Miraura home page, no revisions, no other books rejected but instead a deliberate and calculated exclusion of Patrizia's books on the basis of moderator David Hutchinson's personal bias.

After a cursory examination of the books in question, David's PERSONAL conclusion was that they didn't translate into what he considered to be "a sense of Truth".

David Hutchinson wrote:

...The books appeared to be a detailed academic exercise in symbolism, with little relation either to spirituality or the Integral Yoga. Her writing has the sense of an intricate, carefully worked out philosophy or theology, rather than felt and seen spirituality. Patrizia obviously is familiar with the path and the literature, but that familiarity doesn't translate to a sense of truth for her books...

Of course the real truth came out in one of Paul (Prem) Sobel's later posting in answer to my original question:

#1. Who decided to omit her works from this list and on what basis was

this decision made.

Prem Sobel replied:

…All of us who worked on the web site and know of her or have had contact with her made this decison, in fact to tell the truth it was not for one moment under consideration to mention P.N.'s books. The basis is very simple Robert, we do not feel that what Patrezzia has writen is truth. At best it is a partial insight from a limited viewpoint that has has been eggzagerated, at best!

#2. Will the persons responsible for the Miraura Home Page be willing

to add Patrizia's titles to the list.

Prem Sobel replied: No.

This is the breathtaking arrogance which passes on Auroconf for the open and free discussion of truth. What is more astonishing is that NO ONE on the discussion list made even the slightest attempt to protest this intellectual fascism done on their behalf by people of little or no spiritual realization.

Even the most cursory perusal of her many published works will reveal that Thea is the most credible authority on the yoga of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in the world today. Yet owing to ill will and dishonesty of her detractors, her books have been banned from the official sites for over 30 years.

The Mother's Temple:

The exclusion of Thea's books from the devotees of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother by those who had usurped their work was done for two reasons; first, to suppress the knowledge that they had destroyed the Mother's temple and secondly to eliminate any possible challenge to their ambitions to preside over this epic spiritual work. The success of their efforts to suppress the truth about the Mother's Temple was also twofold; a vehement denial that any such event had ever taken place, or, if they got caught in that lie, that it did not matter, the Mother was above and beyond such minor details.

This has been a successful strategy for the last thirty six years. Most of the devotees have never learned the truth about the Temple's disfigurement and know precious little about Thea other than the scandalous rumors and lies spread to guarantee that neither she or her work would ever be taken seriously.

One of the classic examples of this strategy to discredit and deny, while avoiding all accountability, was orchestrated by K. D. Sethna, the editor of Mother India magazine and a long time member of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. The following is a letter that I wrote to Mr. Sethna in December of 1993 concerning his slanderous comments about Thea and her work:

Mr. K. D. Sethna, Editor 12 .12. 1993

Mother India Magazine

Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Pondicherry 605 002


Dear Mr. Sethna,

It is a great pleasure to finally write to you after reading for years of your close association and devoted service to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. What an experience it must have been being there in the early years among the first generation of sadhaks. It must sadden you terribly to see the conflict and chaos which has replaced such hopeful beginnings.

I am writing to you on behalf of a large community of devotees in the United States, individuals who have spent years in the study and practice of Integral Yoga. Knowing of our interest in the ongoing work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, a mutual friend, David Hogg, has generously shared with us copies of your recent correspondence. Of particular interest are your comments about Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet and the Matrimandir. While we have the greatest respect for your years of devoted service, Mr. Sethna, we are obliged to ask certain questions which arise as a result of some of your statements.

In your letter of 11.9.1993, responding to David Hogg's letter suggesting that you might wish to consider publishing excerpts of Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet's newsletter in your publication, Mother India you write:

"Patrizia's writings cannot be part of Mother India at present.

They would not be quite harmonious with our vision

(italics mine) of the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother."

There are a number of disturbing implications in your reply, not the least of which is the suggestion of a test of "Aurobindonian Orthodoxy" which one must pass to be in compliance with "your vision". Would you please tell us whose vision this is, something about its parameters and specifically, on what points Patrizia's writings do not qualify for publication.

In your 23.10.1993 letter you make a number of statements concerning Patrizia which presuppose a great deal about her work and state of consciousness. You state:

"I feel that what she is doing is to found a new cult in which

a view of the world according to her bent of mind is

developed with some initiatives from the Aurobindonian


"She is also a very intelligent person who is in touch with a

source of inspiration in the subtle world, one with which

I do not experience a deep affinity."

Again we have this implication of exclusivity and orthodoxy which presumes to comment on the source and quality of her inspiration in relation to your own. Surely you will agree Mr. Sethna that statements such as these, made by someone of your stature in the community of devotees, can only be justified on the basis of specific and incontrovertible facts. Please be kind enough to provide us with the source and details of this evidence.

In fact, all of your letters suggest that you, and your colleagues believe yourselves to be in exclusive possession of the Aurobindonian Truth. I suppose it is the arrogance of orthodoxy which allows you to dismiss without explanation anyone who questions the status quo. This has certainly been my experience, having yet to receive even the courtesy of a reply to thoughtful letters of inquiry written to members of the Auroville Board. But for you to use the pretense of Patrizia's status vis-á-vis Sri Aurobindo and the Mother as grounds for ignoring factual issues is beyond arrogance, it is simply dishonest.

Many of us in the American community have spent years in the study of sacred architecture. We have come to appreciate the subtleties of Hindu Temple building and the profound meaning incorporated into their construction. When the ancient Vedic texts speak of the occult correspondence between the temple and the universe it is obvious they refer to it's precise cosmic dimensions. And yet you authoratatively pronounce that, "any inaccuracy which might have crept into the structure" would not be considered important. My collegues and I are particularly disturbed to read what utter disregard you seem to have for the impeccability of the Mother's vision.

"I cannot believe that the Mother's Divine Consciousness is a

stickler after exactness of measurement. She would not have

made a radical issue out of any inaccuracy which might have

crept into the structure of the Matrimandir."

Surely Mr. Sethna with your years of experience in the ashram and close contact with the Mother, you must have heard her discuss the nature of the Supramental Vision. She described it as, "a vision of a higher order, a simultaneous vision and knowledge. A microscopic perception... absolutely precise and exact. A kind of felt vision and this vision is very precise, very precise of the value of vibrations in relation to a higher vibration." When she had the vision of what was to become the Matrimandir she insisted that it be built according to her "seeing'. She said, "I no longer need anyone to see what it should be, I know." She had seen the form of the temple directly on the plane of Truth-Consciousness and mentions over and over the importance of its symbolic meaning. When others would suggest alterations she would tell them, "from the mental point of view it is very attractive, but in vision...", or in response to a suggestion of substituting blocks for the columns she responded, "no, that has no meaning". Her original plan was a symbolic and mathematical perfection evident to anyone having studied Indian sacred architecture as representing the very pinnacle of the Vedic Truth. Yet owing to the lack of vision and outright bad will of Piero and others, her immaculate vision was mutilated beyond recognition.

I have recently been invited to give a lecture on Sacred Architecture at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City. It is the worlds largest gothic cathedral and one of the most progressive churches in America. It would have been my great pleasure to point to the Matrimandir as the greatest feat of sacred architecture yet to be realised on earth, to have described its sublime measurement, profound symbolism and Vedic content. Instead, I will speak of it in the context of a failed experiment, a Shadow of its intended truth, and a symbol of the Titanic Consciousness.

It is perhaps unfortunate Mr. Sethna that you have become the present focus of this controversy. Yet your prominence in the Ashram and your tacit support of the status quo through Mother India belie any question of your innocence. Your esteemed position denies you the luxury of unsupported private opinions and surely you must realize that the comments in your letters simply add spiritual weight to the Titanic Consciousness which has overtaken the ashram. When we in America read in the Indian press;

"Auroville is a dream turned sour, a utopia gone to waste. It's concept of universal fraternity lies in tatters, torn asunder by factional fighting, power games, politics and nationality issues..." - The Illustrated Weekly of India

we find it simply unbelievable that a man of your obvious intelligence and spiritual stature can stand idly by and refuse to use your position and resources to help correct the problem. Instead we hear from you;

"Please don't drag me into any controversy. I have no desire to be mixed up in this matter. I am not defending anything that may have gone wrong with Auroville."

In point of fact, your silent assent makes you a willing collaborator in this conspiracy of ignorance. Do you imagine that the Mother can use this kind of instrument for what she desired to manifest in Auroville. Perhaps if you knew that there are others who are beginning to ask questions, powerful people who are "extremely worried about the state of affairs in Auroville" you might find the courage to use your position to speak out against the unconscionable abuses which are making a mockery of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother's Truth.

I have enclosed the latest copy of "Vishaal" which contains Patrizia's ongoing series of articles on the Vedic Symbol of the Universe. She has asked that it be sent to you, "as a last chance for you to KNOW and not just BELIEVE that the Supermind has descended and the exactitude with which its operations can be monitored". We sincerely hope on behalf of all devotees that you will avail yourself of this opportunity.

Yours in the Service of Truth,

Robert E. Wilkinson

Vice President, Aeon Group

K.D. Sethna is but one example of many joined in this conspiracy of ignorance who, being guilty of the same sin, become allies and call it a virtue. They will happily spread the most malicious of lies but when called to account for the specifics of their claims, to a man they scurry back into the darkness to avoid facing the controversy that they themselves have created. And while Sethna and his cronies conspire to blame Thea for this controversy, she has nothing whatever to do with it. From the very beginning these problems arose from their denial of the Mother. Thea has simply shown them their error and they hate her for it.

My years on Auroconf had virtually the same effect. I wrote letter upon letter to the members recounting in detail the specific facts of what the Mother told her devotees in those early days of 1970, every single word of which is recorded for posterity in the Matrimandir Dialogues.

The questions I placed before the Auroconf group were very simple. Was the Mother's plan for Her Temple built according to her instructions or not? If not, why not and more importantly why do the authorities in Auroville continue to market what was built as the Mother's original plan? Once these questions were honestly discussed I felt we could move into questions of knowledge dealing with the significance of Her temple and what it represented for the Yoga and the world. But no matter how often I tried to focus the discussion on facts, it immediately dissolved into personal attacks, differences of opinion and questions of authority. The following postings are typical of the kind of intellectual relativism that fills the void in the absence of the irrefutable Gnosis the Mother's temple would have provided.

To: Auroconf@aurobindo.orgFrom: "Robert E. Wilkinson" <robtw@sprynet.com>Subject: Re: Temple, Time & the Supermind

David Hutchinson wrote:

"...And I do speak of them as Patrizia's teachings because that's what they are to my eyes. You speak of them as KNOWLEDGE, but to me they are her interpretations of spiritual reality. No more, no less than what any other person on this forum comes up with."

…In this situation I think that best thing is simply to keep silent and to refuse being involved."

David's comments throughout my tenure on Auroconf were based on relativism, as you read above, no one position on an issue was more valid than any other view. And while this appears very democratic on the surface, it negates the purpose of an Integral knowledge. As Thea wrote: 'One must die to the relative, in order that they may have the vision, and the subsequent lived experience it gives rise to, of the absolute truth.'

Or this from Kenny Schachat:

To: auroconf@aurobindo.orgFrom: Kenny Schachat <kennys@ncdcdances.org>

"…I refuse to focus soley on "knowledge" at the expense of Love, Compassion and all the other aspects of an Integral Yoga. To me, this extreme lack of balance is a serious concern.

…The other fundamental flaw is that the Matrimandir would have been the perfect manifestation of an objective Divine Truth on the physical plane if it had been built to the perfect dimensions that The Mother dictated.The flaw there is that there can be no PERFECT physcial manifestationof the object Supramental Truth on Earth at this time because the time has not come and the Earth is not yet ready. Everything at this time is only at some DEGREE of relative Truth."

Kenny's is a common response that the Matrimandir 'cannot be perfect because we are not perfect'. This erroneous view is dealt with in detail in the Preface of the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber at http://matacom.com/chr1/ChronicleOne_1.html In this passage Thea explains the necessity for strict adherence to the commands of the Rishis in sacred architecture and sculpture. She writes: "And though the aspirant himself is not yet an embodiment of that perfection, he knows that in concentrating on that Vision he can become THAT. This is his yoga of Perfect Works."

This posting is from Constance (David E Walker):

To: Auroconf@Compatible.COM

Subject: Re: "Uncommon Sense"

"…Your errors follow from your reliance on Patrizia's false accounts both of Auroville's history and Mother's plan of the Matrimandir. She consistently and deliberately misrepresents the facts (to what end we can only speculate). Your sincerity is suspect because even the briefest of investigations would reveal this to you."

With the undisputed record of events from 1970 onward as detailed in the Ashram's own archives and Thea's Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, these charges from Constance of misrepresentation are easily disproved. One need only read, but no one did.

Or this from Lynda Lester:

"…It seems to me that all Robert's and Patrizia's postings come from a brittle, steel-like mentality--there's not one drop of luminous vibration here. The mentality of it is so strong, pinched, and dogmatic it gives one a splitting headache.…One does't even need to read the particulars of what is being said, the vibration of ego is so potent one can spot it a mile away."

Linda's response is indicative of a pervasive problem on Auroconf which goes to a characterization of the material presented "without even the need to read the particulars."

This kind of close minded dismissal and refusal to read lay at the heart of their strategy of negation.

This is from Carlos Chiopris:

To: auroconf@Compatible.COM

"…We all agree that something is wrong in mankind and in our community, but my explanations are radically different. I do not, as an instance, consider the Vedas as absolute truths. I am not convinced it is worth spending much time in astrology, Vedic myths and ancient Cosmologies. There is usually no ultimate interpretation of ancient texts, and I am very, very skeptical about people pretending they found the secret key to anything. These are not fields in which one can establish universally accepted truths, so in the end one finds the usual mixtures of dubious interpretations backed up by "occult" knowledge, experience and authority that are even more difficult to testify.

I think "dogmatic statements, harsh and pityless criticism and general intolerance" are mostly a cause, not a symptom. Maybe they are a symptom themselves of something deeper, but hardly of the supposedly wrong measures of the Matrimandir. I do not only refuse to subscribe to this vision, I refuse to take part in a discussion that must have happened every time someone has built a temple.

…I fail to see how your approach and intepretation, based on a very specific and far from universally accepted vision of SA, of astrology, numerology and ancient myths and sacred architecture could help avoiding this danger."

Carlos represents a frequent response from the Auroconf members, that our presentation of facts regarding the Matrimandir was entirely dogmatic and based on unsupported opinion. He and others who believe the same need only read The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber (http://www.matacom.com) to resolve any question of dogmatism with regard to Cosmology and the Veda and their relation to the temple. This is exactly what the Mother's plan was intended to do - resolve questions of speculation versus fact.

This from Ben Irvin:

To: auroconf@Compatible.COM

"…My view is that if mistakes were made in construction, still the Divine Grace can overcome those discrepencies and make use of the current Matrimandir in Auroville to its full intended capacity.

…My understanding of your view is that the Matrimandir is a hopelessly flawed tribute to falsehood, which is not salvageable. This view to me displays a lack of flexibility to work with what we have and a lack of openneness to the Mother's ability to move forward as she sees fit with the current structure."

Ben's arguments for openness and flexibility are representative of the attitude that nothing is rigid, nothing can be defined, there is no absolutism. So long as they could promote that belief they would never have to come to terms with the Mother's plan.

And finally this from Ken:

To: auroconf@Compatible.COM

Subject: Re: Auroville and the Ashram

"…To me, Truth is dynamic and never can expressed by any fixed mental ideas. I think that the need to have something like this be a certain way, down to the centimeter(s) is just one aspect of the "truth" of it. Who's to say that the truth of the measurements of the Matrimandir (as dictated by The Mother at that time) haven't been superseded by a greater truth that needs to be manifested? And even if Patrizia has gleaned a great revelation of the "secret" of the measurements given at that time, one could suggest that there's an even greater or at least different "secret" to be revealed by the new dimensions as they have been actually constructed; only Patrizia hasn't divined them (so to speak) yet. Yes, I can conceive that events and details like this have a place and an importance but from a bigger picture, is the real nature of the truth of the Supramental Vision and Manifestation on Earth something so narrow and weak that the dimensions of the Matrimandir, even down to a few centimeter are going to be such a decisive problem?"

Once more an escape into relativism and a refusal to deal with the nature of the Supramental Vision which the Mother described as: "a vision of a higher order, …absolutely precise and exact" down to the centimeter.

When you read these excerpts it seems almost unbelievable that these same people call themselves adherents of a yoga that seeks the realization of a Supermental Gnosis which Sri Aurobindo himself described as, "free from doubt, self-evident, self-existent, irrefragable and ABSOLUTE." And yet this is the exact reflection of the "shadow temple" at the center of their yoga - a distorted vision, upside down logic, disharmony and negation. As Thea has said so many times, "…In this work there is no lie, the Symbol is the thing Symbolized."


In an earlier part of this Exposé I discussed the evolutionary nature of the Supramental Yoga and its unique departure from the old forms of esoteric spirituality which followed in their entirety a path of Transcendence - an escape from birth and death into an after-death heaven or nirvanic void. The yoga which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother came to establish represents a radical departure from these old ways and an epochal shift in the direction of the evolution itself.

In the old spiritual paths emphasis was placed upon the Ascent of consciousness beyond its material limitations into the higher flights of mind and spirit, abandoning the physical altogether. Sri Aurobindo's yoga reverses that emphasis and envisions a Descent of the Divine into matter, extending its dominion downward to transform the human infrastructure into a fit instrument for its own purposes. This reversal represents an entirely new possibility for humanity through which we may finally evolve beyond our present mental/egoic species into the luminous knowledge and harmony of a collective Gnosis. Sri Aurobindo explains:

"The Supramental change is a thing decreed and inevitable in the evolution of the earth consciousness; for its upward ascent is not ended and mind is not its last summit. But that the change may arrive, take form and endure, there is needed the call from below with a will to recognize and not deny the Light when it comes, and there is needed the sanction from the Supreme from above." Sri Aurobindo, 'The Mother'

Sri Aurobindo describes the Supramental Descent as an inevitable evolutionary movement in which mankind shall find its own self-exceeding and fulfillment by the revelation of the Divinity striving for birth within it. The unveiling of this latent Divinity within each of us, says Sri Aurobindo, is dependent upon 'a will to recognize and not deny the Light when it comes'.

The spiritual community or human laboratory which formed for the purposes of bringing down this Supramental Light was not exclusively populated with highly evolved spiritual beings, but also contained individuals representing the most irredeemable evolutionary forces of resistance and denial - a collective entity which the Mother called the Lord of Nations. In an encounter with this VITAL Asura on the subtle plane he told her, "…I know you will destroy me, but before being destroyed I will wreak just as much havoc as I can, you can be sure of that." (The Mother's Agenda Jan. 12, 1965) The Mother went on to explain that certain individuals are unconscious that they act for this asuric force, genuinely believing that they are doing the right thing.

To persons of knowledge and discrimination, the hallmark of individuals under the influence of these retrograde evolutionary forces, as Sri Aurobindo informs us, is their unwillingness to recognize the light and to deny it when it comes. While this seems almost inconceivable, this trait has been amply demonstrated in this exposé of Auroconf and some of its leaders. For the entirety of its on-line existence, there has been a vehement suppression of the truth and what can only be characterized as an irrational denial of the light.

In the final analysis, for the Supramental Creation to arrive, take form and endure, these pockets of resistance like Auroconf must be recognized in their symbolic reality as the last remnants of the old creation which Sri Aurobindo and the Mother came to transform. Moreover, they may be seen as the last refuge of the Asura of Falsehood which the Mother called the Lord of Nations. With the publication of the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber and their acceptance into the archives of Auroville and the Ashram, his destruction was assured and the Time has come.


April 30th, 2006

*Addendum: 1

Titles by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

The New Way Vol. I & II: A study in the rise and the establishment of a Gnostic Society, Volumes 1 & 2, by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, at $45.00, from Æon Books, 1981, ISBN: 0945747063. The preeminent symbol of a new consciousness now manifesting upon the Earth is a cosmological structure known as the Mother's Temple. This sacred structure is a living manifestation of the descending Truth-Consciousness into Earth's atmosphere and symbolizes Earth's emerging Soul. Written into its architectonic structure are keys to the harmonies of the cosmos and the secrets of Supramental Time. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet explains the origins of this contemporary temple design and its occult measurements which define the evolution of consciousness on this planet.

The New Way, Volume III by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet at $36.00, Rs 750 from Æon Books, 2005, ISBN:0945747039. In this volume the INDIVIDUAL is featured in his evolutionary journey. The contemporary process of evolving a completely new condition of being, called the Supramental by Sri Aurobindo is the theme of this volume. To illustrate the method, the author reveals the occult significance of Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the famous drawing of a man within a circle and a square which she calls the Universal Being. On the backdrop of the Mother's Inner Chamber, the central revelation of Volumes 1 and 2, through Leonardo's drawing the author carries sacred art to dimensions never before reached. The author also elaborates further on her discoveries concerning Time and its role as an ally in the evolutionary process we are all experiencing. She writes about the importance of experiencing Whole Time, the complete cycle of experience, previously unknown and now open to humanity and with it the ultimate conquering of Death.

The Gnostic Circle: A Synthesis in the harmonies of the Cosmos, by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, at $27.00, from Æon Books, 1975, ISBN: 0877284113. For millennia wisemen have searched for a key of knowledge which would unlock the mysteries of the universe. The Alchemists called this universal key the "Philosopher's Stone" and revealed that it was a circular, cosmological diagram which contained the mysteries of Time and Divine Order. In ancient times this diagram was based upon the known universe which consisted of six planets and the central Sun. But it was not until the 20th century, following the discovery of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, that the complete key of knowledge could be revealed and man's evolutionary possibilities fully understood. The Gnostic Circle is that cosmological key and contains the highest wisdom of our age.

The Hidden Manna: Being the Revelation called Apocalypse of John the Divine, by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, at $24.00, from Æon Books, 1976, ISBN: 0945747993. An unveiling of one of the world's most enigmatic prophetic texts: The Revelation of St. John the Divine. Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet lays bare the symbolism used to express John's prophesy and reveals the key to an apocalyptic vision that is seen to be unfolding in our time. "John's vision was zodiacal - through and through" writes Norelli-Bachelet, " the character of his Revelation was based upon a secret knowledge which was until now the property of an inner circle of spiritual initiates."

Time & Imperishability: In this remarkable book the reader will appreciate that Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's cosmology deals with what, for centuries, has been disconnected from traditional spirituality, the question of Time and Measure, "the Divine Maya". Her cosmology discloses the deepest truths of Reality which include the Being as well as the dynamics of the Becoming of that same Being. As she points out, TIME, is the vehicle, the medium for the Absolute or Supreme consciousness to be and to become and it is knowledge of this principle which integrates the Spiritual and Physical dimensions and grants the individual an irrefragable vision of unity. 1997, ISBN: 094574790X - Price: $18.00

The Magical Carousel & Commentaries: A text on the language of Cosmology, a story and it's evolutionary symbolism. The Magical Carousel takes the form of a journey through the zodiac. It is perhaps the only contemporary 'Cosmic Myth' of our time, and is written in the classic zodiacal language proper to all mythology which describes the primordial form of circular or sacred time. . (Two volumes) cloth, slipcase, illustrated, 153 & 152 pps., 1979. ISBN: 0945747306 - Price: $36.00

The Tenth Day of Victory: an initiation and beyond - Volume One 1971-1974, by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, at $24.00, from Æon Books, 2003, ISBN:0945747-33-0. This is an unusual story. It is the first record of action on the world stage of what Sri Aurobindo has called the Supramental Shakti. This autobiographical study revolutionises our ideas about spirituality. The Divine, God, whatever name we give to that 'principle' we believe to be guiding our lives, guiding the world, and the universe, is here revealed in action on Earth; no longer in some distant heaven. The events the author relates are supported by facts not usually found in spiritual biographies. The Tenth Day of Victory is about a new precision, a word we have come to reserve only for science. It cannot be labeled 'spiritual' or 'scientific'. It is something new.

Kashmir - Time, Space and the Convergence and Destiny 2002 Essays on Kashmir and its relationship to the Body of Mother India and the errors in the Matrimandir

The VISHAAL Newsletter:

In October of 1985 Ms. Norelli-Bachelet began to publish her yogic realizations in a bi-monthly journal called, "The VISHAAL Newsletter". Like Sri Aurobindo's journal, "Arya", which published his major works in the 1920s, Vishaal presents the unifying principles of Ms.Norelli-Bachelet's work with Cosmology, Sacred Architecture and Supramental Time. The VISHAAL Newsletter is a serialization of her unfolding vision of the Supramental Creation, initiated by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry. In its pages she shares her insights about contemporary world events as well as the developmental processes of Indian culture and cosmology

The Chronicles of the Inner Chamber: http://www.matacom.com

A detailed account of the Mother's Temple, its Supramental Knowledge content, and its destruction by her closest followers. (See Matacom.com)


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New Titles in Progress:

The Tenth Day of Victory II - The Yoga of the Horse - The Sacred Fulness

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