Andrew Cohen's 'Evolutionary Enlightenment'
... and a Buried Interview with Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

In November of 2001, the senior editor of Andrew Cohen's magazine What is Enlightenment?!, Craig Hamilton, conducted an interview with Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet at the Aeon Center of Cosmology in Tamil Nadu, India discussing her role in the Supramental Yoga begun by Sri Aurobindo, her teachings on Evolution and the limitations of the typical view of Enlightenment.

WIE did not publish the interview, excluded mention of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet in the subsequent article they wrote on Sri Aurobindo's Supramental Yoga ('Why Sri Aurobindo is Cool' by Craig Hamilton), and continues to make no mention of her in Cohen's "Guru and Pandit" discussions with Ken Wilber (which frequently talk about how lonely it is out there on the cutting edge of this new Evolutionary perspective on spiritual development).

The reason given for the exclusion of her interview and for not mentioning her at all in WIE, Issue 21 (Spring-Summer 2002) entitled 'The Future of God: Evolution and Enlightenment for the 21st Century,' was that her work was not in line with the direction they wanted to take the magazine. Dr. Patricia R. Heidt, a resident of Aeon Center of Cosmology, relates that she was not present in the actual interview, but during the lunch break, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet 'started out by saying that 'enlightenment' is a concept belonging to the past, and totally at odds with Sri Aurobindo's (and the New Way) yoga, which focuses on the 'becoming'. She wondered how the magazine could possibly publish the interview?' [1]

Cohen's magazine (after an initial or 'premature' consent on the part of Craig Hamilton, WIE's Senior Editor at the time [2]), declined to release the interview to Norelli-Bachelet's students for their own studies; and these students are critical of Cohen's use and treatment of the interview. The larger critique is that Cohen has, in some ways (however superficially), drawn off Norelli-Bachelet's work on Cosmology and Evolution in the formation of his own new teachings, without acknowledging in the least her contributions to his new direction. The critique includes the assessment that Cohen proceeds to teach words regarding the creation of a Cosmological Evolutionary Context and the ushering in of a new phase in the Evolution of human consciousness on Earth (which he has come across in his contact with Norelli-Bachelet’s work as well as from contact with Sri Aurobindo’s work and other ‘evolutionists’), but that in Cohen’s hands these words suffer a loss, i.e. do not maintain their true source, power, significance, and hence do not illuminate or accurately portray our collective task of understanding the Evolutionary march of consciousness on planet Earth (as written of by Sri Aurobindo, the Mother, Ms. Norelli-Bachelet and in ancient times by the Vedic Rishis, see: ‘The Secret Code of the History of the World’ ). In this sense, Cohen's teachings become a distorion of, a diversion from and an impediment to the Cosmic Evolutionary Higher Consciousness he wishes to establish in the global arena.

Norelli-Bachelet's students pose the following question to Cohen: Why doesn't he make any significant reference to her work, in his magazine or in his teachings, even though he knows about her and even though he knows that for 30-plus years she has made significant contributions to the issues that he is just starting to delve into and express as a new teaching and herald as a new context, regarding Evolution and the Cosmic perspective?

On Cohen's website there is a section called 'The New Enlightenment' in which he writes: '... enlightenment, in the traditional, premodern sense ... [is] not so different from the Western religious model, in which eternal salvation is found in a beatific heaven realm beyond the world. In both traditional Eastern wisdom and Western religious faith, the ultimate goal is a final state--a transcendent state of consciousness or a heavenly abode--that promises release from this world.'

If we were to hear or read the 2002 WIE interview, according to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's recollections of the material covered therein, we would see that Cohen's assessment of the similarities between the Eastern and Western religious faiths in terms of a release from the material world into a beatific 'beyond', is an echo of what Ms. Norelli-Bachelet shared with WIE. In truth Cohen's assessment is an echo of what she has been writing about for many decades [3]. So the reason given for excluding mention of her in WIE – that her work is not in line with the direction WIE wanted to go, simply does not hold up in regard to this subject.

If the WIE interview were published or released, anyone interested could freely compare Cohen's 'New Context' and 'New Enlightenment' to the Vedic Knowledge and Supramental Yoga presented by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, the Mother and Sri Aurobindo [4], and assess how his new understandings and teachings resonate or clash with Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s presentation.

This next section offers quotes from Andrew Cohen's website and from the first few pages Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's 1975 publication, The Gnostic Circle. These quotes should give the reader some sense of how Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's teachings on the task of cultivating an Evolutionary and 'cosmocentric' perspective or context in order to raise the consciousness of humanity, pre-date the 'innovative teaching’ [of Evolutionary Enlightenment] which Andrew Cohen began to develop circa 2002.

Cohen describes his Evolutionary Enlightenment teachings on (2005):

'Evolutionary Enlightenment is an original nonsectarian spiritual path for the 21st century. It unites the transcendent freedom of enlightenment with the innate human desire to change and to evolve.'

'In a world of unprecedented flux and uncertainty, this innovative teaching has been developed by Andrew Cohen in response to the unique spiritual demands of our time. It enables individuals to dynamically engage in their own transformation and to come together with others to bring about a new and truly enlightened expression of human life. Evolutionary Enlightenment is a moral, philosophical, and spiritual framework that makes it possible to live for the highest purpose: the evolution of consciousness itself.' ...

'There is also a level beyond worldcentric consciousness, which we could call cosmoscentric, and that is a context in which we see and recognize ourselves to be citizens of the universe, citizens of the cosmos itself, before we are members of this global civilization, or a particular nation, tribe, or family. We see our own lives in light of the fourteen billion years of cosmic evolution. This is what I am really trying to awaken people to in my teaching work, by redefining spiritual transformation and its perennial goal of enlightenment in an evolutionary context. I am convinced that understanding the evolutionary context of our own emergence is the most important factor in awakening to a new spirituality, which can help us to define the new moral and ethical framework that is so desperately needed in our time.' – Andrew Cohen (2005)

Norelli-Bachelet's The Gnostic Circle: A Synthesis of the Harmonies of the Cosmos begins with Chapter 1: 'The Essential Purpose of the Study of Cosmic Harmonies' (1975):

'First of all we must be clear as to what cosmic harmonies really are, for only then can we understand their true purpose. Cosmic harmonies give us the understanding of the movement of progression within the eternal. The art in it's totality is transmitted so that man may have a clear vision of the process of evolution, and above all, of its ultimate goal for any particular Age. That is, these designs and patterns which are based on the deep understanding of the workings of the Cosmos, contain the history of the evolution, past, present and future. But to be able to understand this in its fullest sense, certain points have to be explained. One is that it is indispensable for the student to realise that the movement of evolution in its most physical aspects is determined by a 'subtle essence', the Spirit, which upholds the movement, and is the support of the outer play, of which evolution is the mechanics. Therefore to understand this play, we must first realise that the ultimate aim of creation is to be an ever more direct manifestation of the upholding and underlying Spirit.'

'The rise [of interest in the Cosmic Harmonies] indicates that just now the entire evolution is awakening to the oneness of spirit and matter, and ultimately to the understanding of the goal of evolution which is to divinise matter, or spiritualise the creation. For this reason we give so much importance to the study, because by reinstating it we assist mankind in its approach to the true path and purpose of the evolution.'

Cohen's assessment that 'understanding the evolutionary context of our own emergence is the most important factor in awakening to a new spirituality' is an accurate and important message for humanity; yet Cohen has refrained and refused to release the WIE interview with Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet or to mention her own ground-breaking work on the Evolutionary and cosmological perspective as a catalyst for raising consciousness and as a Real gateway into a new era of Gnosis, Convergence and Global Harmony. This refusal brings to mind a teaching by Ram Chandra on unworthy Gurus:

'Only a man who is himself free can release you from bondage ... People have, in most cases, gone astray for this very reason as they have submitted themselves to the guidance of such unworthy teachers, whose primary motive is perhaps mere self-aggrandisement or some personal gain. With this view in mind they are generally found to be eager to maintain their position and prestige by false impositions. To them it is probably the greatest shock to their price of power and position to acknowledge the superiority of anyone more advanced or better accomplished. This is nothing but Ahankar in the crudest form.' – from The Complete Works of Ram Chandra - Volume 1: Section 6, 'Guru'.

Is it possible that Ahankar is the root reason that Cohen has never allowed the public to see the Norelli-Bachelet interview and has refrained from making any significant effort of mentioning of her work in his teachings and presentations? [6] Why else not mention someone who is a forerunner of one's own path and one's own 'inventions' unless the motive is simply not wanting to be seen as, at worse a hoarder of Light, or at best, a much lesser Light.

Perhaps there are other, less reprehensible reasons for not releasing the interview or not mentioning Ms. Norelli-Bachelet’s massive work towards creating a world-gnosis revolution/reformation based on a cosmo-centric, earth-centric, time-conscious evolutionary context for consciousness and spiritual/material growth. If Cohen wanted to clear himself of any suspicions that he is hoarding the Light as his own, he could simply present the interview, on-line, in-full with no omissions whatsoever, and he could explain his resistance to putting it forward.

That would not be so difficult. Cohen could describe his exposure to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet and answer such questions as: Why she was interviewed by WIE’s senior editor? Had he or other WIE staffers read any of her books? How did the interview and any other exposure to Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's work effect him? He could explain where he agrees with her work, and where he differs from or finds faulty her approach to Reality.[5] He could explain why he felt Ms. Norelli-Bachelet's teachings on the matter of the Evolution of Consciousness were not worth exploring in the arenas such as his magazine and website which discuss this important subject matter. He could simply present an article or paper to that effect. That would seem fair enough and would help flush out the fuller picture and greater truth regarding the 'Buried Interview' in question.

If you would EVER like to see this Interview published or returned to PNB,
Please email Cohen and the WIE editors/staff and ask them to:
A: Publish it in full on-line, or B: To return it to PNB.
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[1] The New Way yoga refers to the Cosmological Evolutionary context, knowledge and action introduced by Norelli-Bachelet in her books The New Way: A Study in the Rise and Establishment of a Gnostic Society, Volumes 1-3 (Aeon Books 1981).

[2] Craig Hamilton eventually left his position as Senior Editor at WIE. WIE has published the following notice on its website: 'Craig Hamilton, former managing editor of What Is Enlightenment? magazine, has moved on to pursue his independent interests in the field of collective intelligence, the science and religion dialogue, and the social and spiritual challenges facing postmodern society today. He has recently joined the on-air team at New Dimensions Radio.'

[3] Excerpt from PNB's The Gnostic Circle (1975), p. 4.:

' ... Buddhistic, Mayadavistic and similar thoughts ... pulled the evolution away from the understanding of the reality of Creation, and advocated an escape from the pains and travails of its transformation as the only means by which a being could realize God and become free of the bondage of Matter. This movement therefore created a tremendous conflict in the evolution ...'

Excerpt from PNB's The Vishaal Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 2 (June 1986), p. 7:

'There has been no spiritual movement of this century that has been sufficiently powerful (and I use the word purposefully) to arrest the course that science and western materialism are imposing on the world.

The reason for this is more than clear. All the spiritual movements have become bogged down in the past and are merely repeating the old formulas. And those formulas were, even in the past, incomplete. They catered to the religions and demands of the spirit, disregarding the life of the body. Indeed, the spirituality we know as 'eastern' is founded on the basic principle of escapism. This is the same as the foundation of western religion and mysticism: the Earth is a hell and birth thereupon is a scourge; salvation lies in heaven or nirvana, – anywhere, but decidedly out of this cosmic dimension and free from the strangling coils of a corruptible flesh.'

Ms. Norelli-Bachelet discusses the error of considering Buddha as the 9th Evolutionary Avatar in the Hindu Line of Ten, and the rejoining of the poles of Mater and Spirit in The Gnostic Circle (p.48-49):

'After Sri Krishna [the 8th Evolutionary Avatar] there seems to be some confusion in spiritual circles regarding the next Avatar and the subsequent stage of development for the Earth. One factor which contributes most to this reigning confusion is that is seems to have been forgotten that the Evolutionary Avatar, when appearing for that particular work, can only come during the Ages which pertain to Vishnu, the force of Preservation, the four faces of the Sphinx, or the four Fixed signs of the zodiac. But it seems that man is in a hurry to fill in the blanks before the time periods are completed, and before even entering the 9th Manifestation [a Time period including the Ages of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricorn - 234 BCE to 6246] he has already proclaimed the next Avatar, before actually understanding in full what it is that the advent is to truly mean. Therefore to include the Buddha in the list of Avatars as the 9th, which in the deeper meaning would signify that he was the Avatar of the 9th Manifestation, is impossible. The Buddha's birth and the span of his life formed a part of the 8th Manifestation[a Time period including the Ages of Gemini, Taurus, and Aries 6714 BCE - 234 BCE], opening the way to the 9th, and his function was precisely to bring about a greater cleavage between the seekers after the 'Void' and those seeking fulfillment in the full manifestation of the Divine. It may appear odd to speak here in these terms of the Buddha and the student may consider that one is attempting to minimise his role, or in some way to place hime in a negative light. In actual fact we seek to do the contrary. This great spiritual figure was an element that served to bring about a certain depletion in the spiritual effectiveness of India as a nation, and thus contributed to the full entrance of humanity into the age of darkness, a preparation for the coming light. This was a neccessary step, though one which nonetheless requires a cobsequent corrective measure, the work of Kalki, as Sri Aurobindo and the Indian scriptures have pointed out. Kalki, the last Avatar of the Hindu tradition, has as his mission to bring the movement back to its rightful destiny, to join the two poles [Matter and Spirit] and then erase the separation that exists in the reservoir of spiritual energy on the planet. All paths, all realisations can give us the experience of God, but the plan of evolution is only one, though this is all-embracing and makes use of different means to arrive at the Goal.
           All forms of spiritual thought and practice that have served to heighten the rift between the two poles of spirit and matter must, at this time, give way to the new creation...' [bold emphasis added]

[4] Sri Aurobindo discusses the 'recoil from Matter', which has dominated spirituality and society and caused harm for two millennium, which corresponds to the rise of Buddhism, in The Life Divine, Chapter III, 'The Two Negations: II - The Refusal of the Ascetic' [link to full text]. The 2000 year old 'Refusal' of which he writes considers 'renunciation the sole path of knowledge, acceptation of physical life the act of the ignorant, cessation from birth the right use of human birth, the call of the Spirit, the recoil from Matter.'

His response to this 2000 year old habit of negation is ... 'We seek indeed a larger and completer affirmation,' which includes the knowledge, "All this is the Brahman". He writes:

'The passionate aspiration of man upward to the Divine has not been sufficiently related to the descending movement of the Divine leaning downward to embrace eternally Its manifestation. Its meaning in Matter has not been so well understood as Its truth in the Spirit.'

[5] Cohen's teachings of a mind-altering, ego-disolving Evolutionary Cosmological Context and the birth of a new planetary Being based on a worldcentric and cosmocentric consciousnees is similiar to Norelli-Bachelet's Supramental Yoga and Cosmology in name and word only. The filters through which Cohen understands these names and words become an impediment to his own goal of developing an enlightened community. The larger evolutionary/cosmological context for an evolving world-gnosis suffers certain losses which become evident in the text which follows Cohen's assessment of the traditional and outdated goals of Eastern and Western religious paths (mentioned in the main text of this web article). Cohen states, 'In both traditional Eastern wisdom and Western religious faith, the ultimate goal is a final state--a transcendent state of consciousness or a heavenly abode--that promises release from this world.' He then continues,

'Now, it's important to understand that at the time when these great traditions flowered, people had a very different understanding of the context in which they were living. For example, in the East, where the concept of enlightenment was born, it was believed that history moved in continuously recurring cycles, like a merry-go-round turning round and round, eternally repeating the same process. For one who "awakened" in that context, the path to liberation and salvation would be obvious: to get off the "wheel" of incarnate existence so one could dwell in the bliss, freedom, and eternal peace of the formless realm beyond time and space--forever.

'But we've moved on. We've learned a lot over the last few thousand years about who we are and about the context in which we have emerged. And one of the most important things we've discovered is that the movement of time is not cyclical, but a linear developmental process.' [emphasis added]

Cohen's statement that we have 'moved on' and now 'discovered that movement of time is not cyclical, but a linear developmental process,' shows not only the essential divergence of Cohen's understanding of Cosmology, Evolution and World-Integrating Knowledge from that of Ms. Norelli-Bachelet, it shows his divergence from anyone who has ever been in possession of the Knowledge of cyclical Time, such as the Vedic Rishis of India, or the Mayan illuminati.

To announce that we've all now 'moved on' from all that cyclical foolishness, seems to be a large and misleading blunder, which dismisses the actual keys of cosmological wisdom passed down by the ancients, which have everything to do with Cyclical Time or Spirals of Time such as the Zodiac, the Enneagram, the Yugas, the Mayan Calandar, the Aztec Sun Stone, and the Sphinx, all of which modern man has yet to even barely understand the significance. [See The Gnostic Circle and The Map of the Manifestations] It is one thing to note that Time is indeed a developmental process, that is true enough; but it is quite a statement for a teacher of a greater 'cosmo-centric' consciousness and reality, to say that Time's developmental process is linear... not cyclical at all. One simply needs to consult the Earth's Day, its Year, it's seasons in Time and the real phenomenon of the Precession of the Equinoxes which determine the Astrological Ages to note that Time is clearly a cyclical developmental process.

Cohen's divergence here exposes that his 'new' teaching is still in league (in some ways) with the 2000 year old habit of Negation of which Sri Aurobindo wrote in The Live Divine, Chapter III, 'The Two Negations: II - The Refusal of the Ascetic' as cited in Note [4], [Link to full text]. Cohen 'moving on' from the Knowledge of Cyclical Time is paramount to a 'renunciation the sole path of knowledge' (the phrase used by Sri Aurobindo – to describe the mistake of revolting against material existence). Seekers should at least consider that Initiation into a Cosmological Evolutionary Context for life should reveal material existence as inseperable from the cycles in time that govern and guide our lives, and that the quality of participation in an 'enlightened' or 'gnostic' collectivity is stunted by an ignorance of the cycles of time or 'cosmic harmonies'.

In The Secret of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo wrote about Varuna, a prominent Vedic God of the Sacrifice (i.e. the 360 degree, 12 month Journey of the 'Year') who opens the door for the seeker of Source to new knowledge. The Path Finder of the new knowledge would not be ignorant of the consciousness-force which sets in motion and orchestrates the 'wheel of incarnate existence' or of the significance of the cycles established by Cosmic Law.

'The wisdom of Varuna shapes in us the divine word which, inspired, intuitive, opens the doors to new knowledge. "We desire him," cries the Rishi, "as the finder of the Path because he unveils the thought by the heart; let new truth be born." For this King is no whirler of a brute and stupid wheel; his are not the unfruitful cycles of a meaningless Law. There is a Path; there is constant progress; there is a goal.' [bold emphassis added]

In The Gnostic Circle Norelli-Bachelet writes of reviving the atrophied Knowledge contained in the zodiac (the 'Wheel of Life'), and in our own number system (which in the higher Knowledge is also a 'Wheel' as seen in the Enneagram). To dismiss, discard, suppress or ignore such knowledge in one's search for (and especially in the marketing and teaching) of a Cosmological Evolutionary Context capable of uniting mankind's errant individual and global ways, is a blind mission that can only fail. It is paramount to throwing away the only keys that will actually grant those interested access to the Cosmological Laws which can truly bend the mind, heart and individual being out of its current habits of dispersion towards a Unified and Super-Conscious Material existence .

'The zodiac is an infallible record of the process of evolution, and in this most ancient and sacred scripture we are given the knowledge that the forces of light will be victorious, are in essence already victorious, because in fact the zodiac is a map of progression within the Eternal, where we see that what is to be is already, and this design only affords us the possibility of following the movement of the eternal in its aspect of motion. We are therein able to see the Timeless as well as that which is bound by time, the Infinite as well as that which is finite.' - The Gnostic Circle, p. 45

Perhaps this long ‘note’ sheds greater light on Cohen's choices not to give any stage to Norelli-Bachelet's understanding of Cosmology, Evolution and World-Integrating Knowledge. We can see more clearly why it was that mentioning her work was not in line with the direction Cohen wanted to take WIE or his own inquiry and teaching back in 2002. Cohen liked the idea of the Evolution of Consciousness, World-Knowledge and Cosmology, but lacked knowledge and appreciation of the actual laws of the Earth and Cosmos, as recorded in such circular systems as portratyed in the Zodiac and in ancient texts such as the Rig Veda which mentions the 'Sacrifice' or Year in terms of a 12 month Journey to one's Eternal Home and Reality.

Cohen seems to want 'move on' beyond the Cosmic Laws and Symbols of which he apparently has no comprehension and thereby sees as an disposable or unessential component of our current approach towards the higher 'world-centric' and 'cosmocentric' consciousness. Is it possible to throw the Cosmic Laws out of Cosmology and expect to create or foster a Cosmo-Centric Context for humanity's salvation? Sri Aurobindo wrote of the Real Idea behind life and evolution, the Truth which binds the Individual and the Collective to the same center, hub, Agni, purpose, cause, point, eternal journey and goal. One is justified in wondering how that Real Idea (and real power) is found in Cohen's 'Evolutionary Enlightenment' work and community experiments. Perhaps all those interested in the Evolution of Consciousness could get a sense of what might be missing from Cohen's laboratory if the WIE interview with the woman who claims to continue Sri Aurobindo's work were allowed to see the Light of Day.

[6] The only mention of Norelli-Bachelet in Cohen's on-line or in-print seems to be a 'Letter to the Editor' WIE Issue 22 (Fall - Winter, 2002). There WIE printed a small section of a long letter (written by this author to Craig Hamilton), which did at least give readers a glimpse or blink towards PNB's work. At least there was that; but it hardly seems to excuse Cohen or WIE for not returning the transcripts of the interview to Norelli-Bachelet. [See Update below]

Lori Tompkins

This article was originally presented January 2006

JANUARY 2007 UPDATE: In the January - February 2007 Issue #35 of What is Enlightenment?! magazine entitled 'The Mystery of Evolution: A spiritual & scientific exploration of where we came from and where we're headed', the editors of WIE put together a special feature entitled 'The REAL Evolution Debate: Everything you always wanted to know about evolution but the mass media would't tell you', in which Ms. Norelli-Bachelet is mentioned as a 'Major Figure' in their category of 'Esoteric Evolutionists' (along with Oberto Airaudi, Richard Tarnas and Colin Wilson). This category's list of 'Influences' includes: Sri Aurobindo, Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky, Richard Bucke, Jean Gebser, Carl Jung, the Mother, P.D. Ouspensky, and Rudolf Steiner. This mention does redress one of the main criticisms made in the article below regarding Cohen's choice not to mention Ms. Norelli-Bachelet in his magazine's content concerning her work on the Evolution of Consciousness. The WIE special feature (along with the article 'Tracking 300 years of a Radical Idea: A brief history of evolutionary spirituality') presents an interesting picture of important non-mainstream contributions to our current understanding of Evolution.

The criticisms regarding the unreleased interview with Ms. Norelli-Bachelet and Cohen's new Evolutionary Enlightenment world-teaching remain. WIE editors have invited readers to 'Read the web-enhance Real Evolution Debate online, with links to interviews, articles and more.'. Perhaps we can now hope that the editors of WIE will, in the not-so-far future, allow those interested in the 'REAL Evolutionary Debate' access to the content of the 2001 PNB interview, whether in its original audio format (that would be IDEAL) or in transcribed form. The debate will be all the more interesting, REAL and poignant if WIE's interview with Ms. Norelli-Bachelet is included in the pages. Otherwise one is encouraged to defer to the interpretation of the editors for their understanding of where various figures and categorizations fit on the scale of True Integral capacity or force in terms of world affairs, spirit and science. For instance Ms. Norelli-Bachelet is mentioned in a category ('Esoteric Evolutionists') that is of some medium Integral capacity, weighted a bit more heavily towards the spirit, whereas the categories 'The Process Philosophers', 'The Conscious Evolutionists' and 'The Integralists' are said to 'generally' be more Integral in terms of science and spirit. Such categorizations and lableling should be subject to debate, so that people's understanding of these matters is not 'fixed' by the limitations of the labeling mind. A better understanding of the knowledge/information Ms. Norelli-Bachelet puts forth might reveal to those interested that her work does carry a significant force of Integration, not weighted towards spirituality over science, but is rather well-poised in the center of the field containing both those expressions of the larger Self/Consciousness.

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